ClaiMue FAQ

Q1: What is ClaiMue?
            ClaiMue is a platform that allows you to get rewards for spreading the word about MonetaryUnit on social media.

Q2: How does it work?
            If your twitter account follows the rules, you can make a tweet (not a reply) including $MUE and @MonetaryUnit, enter your MonetaryUnit address and your tweet's URL on the input boxes shown in the homepage and then claim your MUE!

Q3: How do you calculate tweet values?
            We use a form which values every tweet differently, based on its attention gathered.

Q4: How many MUE are available per month?
            Currently, the amount we're giving away per month is 5000 MUE. This amount can change in the future.

Q5: How many tweets can I claim?
            Currently, you can claim 3 tweets per month.

Q6: Does ClaiMue store my information?
            ClaiMue stores only basic information of your account like the username, followers, tweets, etc.

Q7: What are the steps?
  • Sign in
  • Enter your MUE address
  • Make the tweet
  • Cover the rules
  • Enter your tweet's URL
  • Claim your MUE